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The IDEX printheads, which house. 13. . All Ender IDEX Files Lifetime Updates 10+ pre-compiled and raw firmware files Early access beta files Customer support Full Documentation Complete bill of materials for build Further Upgrade Guides (BL Touch, TFT35, TMC Drivers. . It has the advantage of being equipped with a 3D Touch sensor to facilitate the adjustment of the plate. .

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If you are running Repetier-Server on Linux or MacOS and have the appropriate configuration rights, you can use a full command terminal within our GUI. . Active 13 days ago new Vice President, Supply Chain & Operations. TENLOG IDEX 3D Printers Factory Founded in 2014, The independent dual-nozzle TL-D3 Pro and TL-D3S 3D Printers we developed are composed of independent dual-nozzles, and have obtained CNIPA invention patents. Source Code of Raptor Source Code of Raptor 2 Source Code of T-Rex Source Code of T-Rex+ Source Code of T-Rex 2 Source Code of T-Rex 2+ Source Code of T-Rex 3. . 1.